Product Warranty
Electronics Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Lucky satisfaction of consumer confidence to make use of our products, will strictly abide by laws issued by the state, in accordance with "micro-computer repair, replacement and return of liability" of the specific terms and provisions, the provisions of the Company after-sales service system.
1. Consumers should fill out the warranty card, purchase content, and stamped with the seal of the dealer.
(2) period of service:
Electronics Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Lucky commitment to good quality products, from the sale of products within 7 days from the date of failure of normal use, consumers can choose free return, replacement or repair. Consumers purchase within one year after the failure of normal use free warranty. For a free replacement or warranty does not meet the conditions of service to consumers, the company still provides technical services, maintenance and replacement parts when necessary receive materials.
3 out of buying time for the dealer's purchase invoice or receipt date.
4. One of the following conditions can not enjoy the "three guarantees" service:
1) damage to all man-made factors, including non-use under normal working conditions, do not follow the instructions to use or not use according to the manual instructions of the environment and the damage caused by such failure;
2) without our consent, unauthorized users to disassemble, repair itself, modified;
3) after purchase due to poor transport damage;
4) the other non-resistance (such as floods, lightning, earthquakes, abnormal voltage) damage;
5) normal with the old, wear and tear, rust or dip;
6) does not belong to the company's products (such as counterfeit goods);
7) can not produce a valid certificate, no warranty card;
8) body bar damaged.
Product replacement, warranty program
Failure of customers to use after purchase, should bring the receipt to the dealer invoice or contact the warranty issues. If the problem is not solved properly, please call or write to our customer service department, we will in the shortest possible time to solve your problem.