• How to identify some of the quality of the bass unit
    The bass unit, it means refers to the main speakers or subwoofer subwoofer. It's good or bad speaker frequency response determines the scope and bass, can not be taken lightly. From the speaker cone design point of view, the current market, there are "dialysis cone", "deposited tape basin", "bullet-proof material woven pots", "wool woven pots", "CD film" and other materials.

    As the different materials used, which have advantages and disadvantages. "Dialysis cone" The biggest advantage is low cost, disadvantage is that power is too large bass seem boring, but less durable; "apply tape basin" also has the advantages of low price, durability a little better, and are not suitable for high power use.

    General lovers of these two products can, but definitely not professional; "Kevlar fiber braided basin" has the advantage of powerful bass for rock music, percussion performance has been outstanding for big power amplifiers used in the main speakers the disadvantage is the complex production process, the natural price of a lot of money; "wool woven pots" and other advantages of soft music, light music is very satisfactory results for use of positioning in the bass range, the disadvantage is not a strong bass performance, but also less intensity of feeling; "CD film" is appearing on the market a new product, as a relatively good woofer, it was apparent to all the various aspects of performance, but because many manufacturers have not yet been accepted, so the speakers do not use this speaker common.

    In fact, using a variety of materials, the performance of the speaker woofer effect, not as exaggerated as some of the media vary widely. For users, according to their preferences and select the actual listening is the most important.
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