• Jie Mi Korea LED flat-panel giant struggle between the truth and the 3D TV
    Last week this newspaper published in Japan and South Korea played the 3D giant flat-panel TVs TV and LED TV "future war" coverage. Recently learned that Samsung Electronics IFA2009 Fair LED LCD TV's order in just a few days or up to 2 million units. LG Electronics LED TV exhibition has become the largest exhibition of its flat-panel TVs, location of the most prominent, layout and most flash eye area. The Japanese camp, including Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, etc. The prime location of the center of their booth also gave LED TV. There are indications that, 3D TV with LED TV's first round of contests, the obvious disadvantage. Experts said that in Japan and South Korea both flat panel and TV giant camp 3D and the LED behind the dispute, in fact, around the next generation of flat panel TV and its upstream supply chain initiative in dispute.

    LED flat panel industry has two major growth points

    U.S. market research agency DisPlay Search recently published data showed the first half of Samsung Electronics accounted for 18.8% of the global LCD TV market share; while LG Electronics was a record 11.9% market records; Sony Zeyi 10.7% share, " Cucu, "third place, Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi and so on were out of the ranks of front-line camp.

    On the other hand, according to DisPlay Search on September 9 announced a report on shipments of LED-backlit panel's report showed the second quarter, global LCD TV panel market, LED backlight panel shipments rose 116% ring to reach 23 million. The agency said that despite the LED backlight panel has not yet fully resolved the cost of premiums, but the major TFT LCD panel makers are actively promoting better performance, thinner form factor, lower power of the LED backlight products, so contributed significantly to the growth of this market. In the 23 million LED backlight LCD panel shipments structure, notebook computer LED panels accounted for 14.3 million, mini-notebook computers accounted for 7.9 million units, TV panels accounted for 60 million units, display panels accounted for 100,000 . Two-quarter mini-LED backlight notebook panels to configure the rate of 100%, while notebook computers reached 43%, but only 2% of LCD TVs, LCD monitors, compared with only 0.3%, the latter two extremely large room for growth in order to As for the LED's flat panel industry to become the two major parties in emerging market growth has given rise to great concern.

    3D TV's short-board pain

    Display Search European TV market researcher Paul Gray has written that early in 2008, before the glory days, the Japanese giant flat-panel TVs in North America, Western Europe, and Asia markets to shine, but the advent of the era along with LED, while Japanese giant flat-panel TVs not only in the traditional areas of LCD televisions and panels lost to South Korean rival, the LED television and "a step late."

    Gray pointed out that, despite the current LED LCD TVs are still facing relative to the normal LCD LCD TVs up to 150 U.S. dollars in price difference, but as the market expands, the price gap is expected in 2009, the year narrowed to less than 50 U.S. dollars.

    Gray said: "3D TV can bring you a sense of participation in one of the three-dimensional experience, but in Europe and the United States because of regulatory restrictions on television signals, 3D television show out of the three-dimensional images will likely face serious distortion problems. Though, I have 3D TV presentation to see the effect, but the moment I am still a 'two-dimensional animal'. "

    In addition, 3D TV at present can not be eliminated within a short time relative to the ordinary flat-panel TV price disparity nearly 150 U.S. dollars, plus you can use "want" to describe the 3D television signal source and resources, short board, there are indications that 3D TV Market prospects are not optimistic. "At least in the mass-market 3D television is not the product should be popular." Gray said.

    Thus, Gray pointed out that the 3D TV or flat-panel TVs will be unable to bear the Japanese giant more than rivals in South Korea, to reproduce the brilliant savior of the mission. The LED TV starting one step too late the Japanese giant flat-panel TVs, in order to catch up with robust in much of the Tai Chi & Hutch, "is not impossible, but we hope very, very slim."

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