• LCD TV dreams rural areas find it difficult to color TV enterprises ready
    In February 2009 on, household appliances to the countryside in full swing across the country. The financial subsidies by the government 0.4 billion yuan, 920 billion yuan is expected to boost rural consumption market, a major initiative has been recognized as a "Farmers get benefits, businesses have to market, government was the people, the economy was the development of a" one-four was a good thing.

    However, with home appliances to the countryside full bloom, all kinds of problems beginning to emerge. Is not difficult to imagine, household appliances to the countryside works involved vast territory, product number, chain length, part of complex, affect the situation as a whole. The discovery of a series of specific issues and to address the ongoing challenges the wisdom of the parties, it is a need for government, enterprises, distributors and farmers and all other participants in interaction can only be reached by good wishes of the original system engineering.

    Actually, You Do not Understand My Heart

    Household electric appliances to the countryside to look cool, is not difficult to find it with a clear policy direction and government-led means. But the bulk of home appliance products, after all, go to the countryside to pay by the peasant brothers, so the final analysis, a form of market behavior. Return to the market, originality, in the low-end market, providing consumers need most cost-effective products, is undoubtedly a success and the first step in the right direction. However, in the household appliances huge project in the countryside, a very basic problem seems to have been overlooked: What kind of home appliance products is the peasant brothers to the countryside's most wanted? Or that the countryside is now home appliance products provide farmers Brothers they want?

    This problem might be released in the Suning Appliance just outside the "2009 China's rural household appliances Consumption Survey Report," find the answer, "in the countryside with the purchase of household appliances product intent rural consumers, the color TV in buying the highest, 43.6%, while the where to buy flat-panel TVs as high as 7.2%. " This report is Suning took 4 months for more than a dozen provinces and municipalities Yu Wan households in rural areas have done surveys.

    This result may lead to the original policy makers surprise. Data indicate that, after years of economic development and enhance the cultural quality of rural consumers and the purchase of consumer durables spending power of intent has been exceeded expectations.

    LCD rural areas find it difficult to dreams?

    What is embarrassing is currently in the countryside home appliance market, the representative of mainstream 32-inch LCD TV models are basically at a price no city position. This is mainly due to household appliances to the countryside due to policy limits for the price of color TV sets for 2,000 yuan. As the upper panel prices this year, coupled with the necessary value-added tax, artificial, channels, logistics, warehousing and other costs 2,000 yuan a price ceiling could not support the basic operating costs of the production of LCD TVs. A color TV manufacturer person in charge privately said that despite all the vendors are now targeting home appliances to the countryside piece of cake, and go all out, but the loss-making crying, no one can do something.

    For color TV manufacturers, the vast rural market will undoubtedly open the door for them to promote LCD TVs, the door of opportunity. For farmers to consumers, the use of state subsidies to enjoy the latest technology, and updating of color TV is also no doubt have a strong appeal. LCD TV the opportunity to face the countryside, the parties are prepared for it? LCD TV when it can go to the countryside of rural people into the home?

    Color TV enterprise ready

    As we all know, due to flat-panel TV industry chain, to master most of the upper reaches of the core technology in the Korean and Japanese companies, so that the profit margins of the domestic color TV manufacturers are subject to different degrees of compression. In order to reverse this unfavorable situation, TCL, Konka, Hisense in recent years have made efforts on the middle and upper reaches of the LCD module manufacturing, and strive to reduce costs and increase core competitiveness, competition for LCD era right to speak.

    From the TCL Group's investment, the current domestic technology, the most advanced and largest LCD module project has been in Guangdong's Huizhou production, and in March this year, monthly production reached 50000. In the second half, TCL another three module production lines and 3 million machine integration of the module production capacity will be put into production. It is learned that, the whole integration project put into production to be completed by TCL's LCD TV production line system products (except blocks) will all the links, control about 70% of the production costs.

    TCL LCD module project leader HE Cheng-ming, general manager of introduction, TCL LCD module projects focus on improving the future of flat-panel TV's long-term competitiveness, mainly for the production of higher value-added, the large-screen LCD TV. However, with the launching of home appliances to the countryside, rural areas for small-size LCD TV demand was blow-release, TCL LCD module resources will be invested in the production of home appliances to the countryside products. And, for the production of small-size LCD TVs, the existing manufacturing technology is more mature.

    Echoing this, the recent introduction of the electronic information industry revitalization plan also made it clear the "flat-panel TVs industrial upgrading and industrial restructuring" as one of six key projects and will establish a perfect chain of flat-panel display industry as the focus of development of China's color TV industry. Related to policy support will also help enhance the color TV enterprises in the competitive flat-panel TVs, and will influence radiated out to the actual sales of home appliances to the countryside.

    Interaction between government and enterprises LCD TV is expected to go to the countryside during the year

    On the one hand, farmers are willing to reasonably pay higher than the limit of the LCD TV; On the one hand, color TV manufacturers in their efforts to reduce production costs and improve cost-effective LCD TV. As a result, for the price of liquid crystal relaxation to solve the countryside has become the last a bottleneck.

    During the two sessions, TCL Group Chairman, Li Dongsheng submitted by NPC deputies on the "home appliances to the countryside," five-point proposal has aroused great repercussion. The first point is to recommend appropriate improvement "appliances to the countryside" products limit the scope, so that mid-range products to enter the more rural households.

    Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning Appliance also recommended that the relevant departments to relax the countryside home appliances product price ceiling, while financial subsidy rate will increase as the price ceiling be reduced, so that the farmers across the country will be able to take into account consumer demand, and the promotion of some well-off farmers in the upgrading of household appliances.

    The good news is that these calls for proposals from all sides have been quick and positive response from the Ministry of Commerce. March 22, the Director of Comprehensive Department of the Ministry of Commerce said before Shu-Wei Cheng, 32-inch LCD TV industry chain out of stock situation is reflected in the home appliances to the countryside during the issue, the Commerce Department is trying to co-ordination is expected to adjust the price ceiling, the successful tenderer LCD TVs will be available in volume in the second half.

    In the dire economic situation, China's home appliance industry, exports, slower growth is a foregone conclusion. Appliances to the countryside big curtain is pulled back, for excess capacity of domestic household electrical appliance enterprises is undoubtedly a timely help, all the manufacturers are making determined efforts, sub-grab piece of cake. However, "the right thing do first, and then do things right" is used in home appliances to the countryside on the rule is still valid. Home appliances to the countryside is China's Government to deal with the financial crisis, boosting domestic demand, an initiative to improve people's livelihood. In this process, all participants in brainstorming, positive actions, positive interaction, can we truly will be the farmers, businesses, government, economic system project in the end benefit the Quartet, implement!

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