Employing the concept

talent positioning:
integrity, knowledge and execution.
Strong sense of team, a strong collective sense of honor;
innovative, and continuously strive for excellence;
dedication, loyalty to the enterprise;
work with high passion;
perspicacity and determination;
strong implementation capacity.
Zhirenshanren: respect for the care trust

in international talent, human capital, globalization, people are our source for the survival and development, is a valuable asset run-off future. Let the wisdom of each one flash, so every drop of sweat crystallization of value to everyone is our responsibility to the employees for life.

We fully acknowledge and respect for human knowledge, ability and personality of thinking, to create inspired, passionate work environment that nurtures the courage to fight, the fighting spirit of the times, to respect ignite passion, to achieve their own values.

Our staff as the company's most valuable resources, care for our staff to work and live, attention to capacity building and quality of training, improve staff security and economic gain to be really "cherish, love and train people." .

Deal of centralization and decentralization, decentralization and the relationship between the authority, to improve the transparency of decision-making process to the system as a precursor to trust as a link, leaving employees more freedom for development and personal growth , so its only appropriate place, make the best use. To enhance the ability of personal values, to promote business development talent, enterprise and personal "value win-win."