Brand meaning
  LEJI One machine is designed the original music, dripping sought to show, and the best materials and highest standards process highlight the user's distinguished, but also to the Pegasus design to convey a remarkable elegance.
brand concept
  brand positioning: "the elegant art of fashion design to pass the distinguished"
product positioning: "noble design, quality selection, the ultimate technology, superior sound quality"
British writer Carlyle once said, "Music is the speech of angels", though, music invisible, intangible, but everywhere, every saturated world a corner. In the art, there is nothing better than music to express directly to people's inner emotions in human life, there is no better than the music opened to people's hearts. In the joy, the music to its beautiful melody to roll into people's emotions stirring excitement among; in sorrow, the music with its plaintive voice lingering warm comfort to the people to; the lonely, the only music but also the most sincere accompany people through the long night. Lucky believes that "music and love links", only with your music-based "Friends accompanied"!
soul music-based products - tone, use of top and watch the acoustic dynamics of creativity and clever use of technology, adding to its design of the soul. In the limited space into Turbo Bass (patent-pending) technology, dynamic bass, a different temperament to represent.
  As the cheaper form, may sound slightly muddy mess, and millions of the top table, must be ring patchwork, crisp clarity, exciting.
core of music-based product that is "elegant" word. Whether the product or service, have sought to fine, the ultimate elegance. Do not count on, no curbing, and close them from the comfortable life of a degree, control them. A weight of only 274 grams of Tulip, brought more than just the physical weight of the relief, but also gives people easy battle mentality. Elegant Tulip, wonderful music, plus a cup of cappuccino, a smile of you, life can be very simple. Let the hearts of numerous bustling, exclusive at this moment, the world's only you, and curl, and refreshing the lovely tones.